Program Your Future

Advisory Committee : Computer Sciences

The Advisory committee for Program Your Future is composed of industry experts and academic representatives with a common mission and passion for educating and preparing students to be productive members of society. Programs are developed in specific areas to target workforce priority sector needs in the local community. The Advisory committee meets on a reoccurring basis to evaluate programs ensuring students are equipped with the skills and training that will prepare them for collegiate and professional pursuits.


Advisory Committee Members


Edward Abeyta, Ph.D

Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Pre-College Programs, UC San Diego Extension

Dr. Edward Abeyta is director of Pre-Collegiate and Career Preparation Programs and associate dean for community engagement at UC San Diego Extension. He has a B.A. from the University of New Mexico, an M.A. from the University of San Diego and a Ph.D. in post-secondary adult education from Capella University.

Abeyta has been recognized by UC San Diego and the UC Office of the President for his involvement in staff diversity and development initiatives. In 2008 Abeyta was selected to a two-year term as staff advisor to The Regents. He has served on the UC Diversity Commission, Post-Retirement Task Force and The Regents' UC Commission on the Future.

Abeyta founded the University of California STEAM Channel and is active in the San Diego community as a trustee of the San Diego Youth Symphony and a founding board member of the San Diego Urban Discovery Academy charter school. He is deeply involved in programs serving foster youth and veterans as well as other youth development programs.

Megan Lancaster

Program Manager, Pre-College Programs, UC San Diego Extension

Megan Lancaster is a program manager for UC San Diego Extension Pre-College and Career Preparation Programs where she focuses on planning, implementing and evaluating academic and enrichment programs to meet the individual needs of students in preparation of collegiate and professional pursuits. Prior to working with UC San Diego Extension, she served as the program supervisor for the Viejas Tribal Education Center and also taught grades K-12 in the local public and private school districts. Lancaster received a B.A. in social science from San Diego State University and a Single-Subject Teaching Credential in social science, Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential and a M.A. in education from Azusa Pacific University.

Helen Montgomery

Program Producer, IT and Engineering, UC San Diego Extension

Paul Webber

President, San Diego Java Users Group

Over 25 years’ experience in software development along with management capabilities for leading a fully functional software development team using agile practices. Technical capabilities include experience in Java and the Android platform along with supporting development tools such as Eclipse and JIRA. Webber has served as president of the San Diego Java User’s Group for over ten years and is a Java Champion member. He is also a space enthusiast and would like to visit Low Earth Orbit one day in the near future.

Huy Ly

President, MEIJUN

As a seasoned veteran of software design and development, Huy Ly has built over a decade of experience in the technology industry. Prior to starting an agency of his own, Ly has held senior positions in development and software engineering and worked with organizations such as the Department of Defense, the United States Navy and the University of California San Diego. Ly is proud to call San Diego his home - as a longtime resident of California, he graduated from the University of California San Diego and has numerous ties to nonprofit, business and community organizations to which he has held positions as technology director and board member.
Currently as the President and CEO of Meijun, a custom software development and digital marketing agency, Ly leads a team of seasoned developers, marketers and graphic designers. Meijun’s ever growing portfolio includes local, notable clients such as the Rock Church, Take-Two Interactive and Breg, along with nonprofit and government organizations. Working with trusted partners in the industry, Meijun has helped international brands such as Zojirushi and Mazda navigate the cultural landscape and bring their brand and products into specialized markets. Always growing and adapting to the changing trends of technology, Meijun consistently delivers unique, elegant solutions to the complex digital challenges faced by businesses today.
In addition to Meijun, Huy Ly is also a Founder and CEO of Integrated-X Inc a provider of scientific inspection machinery and services based out of San Diego.

June Clark

Software Engineer/Programming Teacher, The League of Amazing Programmers

Ray Fix

Software Engineer

A passionate Swift educator, enthusiast and advocate, Ray Fix is actively using Swift to create Revolve--a next generation iPad controlled research microscope at Discover Echo Inc. Fix is mostly-fluent in spoken and written Japanese and stays healthy by walking, jogging and playing ultimate frisbee. When he is not doing one of those things, he is writing and dreaming of code in Swift. You can find him on twitter @rayfix.

Tasha Frankie

Assistant Professor, CISC; C-STEM Affiliate Director, San Diego Mesa College

Dr. Tasha Frankie is a computer science instructor and the UC Davis C-STEM Affiliate Program Director at San Diego Mesa College. She has developed and taught computer science courses in multiple languages, including Java, C, C++, Ch and Alice. Frankie instructs colleagues for certification in CS Principles and C-STEM content and pedagogy, encouraging the use of active learning in the classroom.

Weiran Xiong

Student, UC San Diego

Weiran Xiong is a second-year math-computer science student at UC San Diego. He is passionate about mobile and web development and also machine learning.

Sara Setiawan

Sara Setiawan

Director, Girard Foundation

Sarah Setiawan’s belief that everyone deserves a quality education has led her to work in a variety of roles with education nonprofits over the past 13 years. In her current role as director of Girard Foundation, she helps support the work of innovative educators and community leaders who are driving change and improving K-12 education for San Diego students. Previously, Setiawan helped lead one of Girard Foundation’s significant projects, working with educators and engineers to develop an online platform to create and share quality open educational resources. She is a 2018 RISE Urban Leadership Fellow, vice chair of EPIP-San Diego and the volunteer Salesforce Administrator for Young Education Professionals-National.

Christian Tuskes

Christian Tuskes

Decider-in-Chief, Bootstrapper, iOS/Android Developer, Dilly Dally Games, LLC

Christian Tuskes is the Decider-in-Chief and Bootstrapper of Dilly Dally Games, LLC. He fulfills the following roles: iOS/Android developer, game designer, web developer and customer support specialist. Previously, he worked for other technology companies including Intuit, Qualcomm, Carefusion, Upper Deck, Computer Sciences Corporation and Booz Allen Hamilton. He has an M.S. in computer science and a B.A. in philosophy. Aside from mobile development, Tuskes' previous work experience includes eLearning development and flash development. He is also a U.S. Navy Veteran and a former defense contractor.

Duane Wesley

Duane Wesley

Department Chair and Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, San Diego Mesa College

W. Duane Wesley is department chair and professor of computer and information sciences at San Diego Mesa College. He has twenty-three years of college-level teaching experience, including the teaching of Python, Informatics, Java, C#, C++, C, Visual Basic, Design Patterns, Robotics, Linux, Cloud Computing, Database System Administration, Software Engineering, Principles of Information Systems and Computer Ethics. His teaching and mentoring has emphasized advanced design methods, principles and processes, such as agile programming, extreme programming, emergent programming and the application of Design Patterns. He has developed curricula for Mesa College, UC San Diego Extension and National University. Additionally, Wesley has twenty-eight years of progressive experience in software development with emphasis on Command and Control Systems, especially tactical data systems, radar tracking applications, sensor systems, test bed simulators, combat system trainers, test tool development, relational database applications, naval metrology systems analysis, and embedded multiprocessor and multitasking configurations.