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UC San Diego Extension is a leader in pre-college education, offering best in class education and training through a variety of courses and opportunities. Our rapidly changing world demands that students not only possess the needed technical know-how but that they also have the ability to problem-solve and innovate. UC San Diego Extension partners with affiliates to bring students opportunities to learn these skills in a creative and hands-on approach. Please contact if you are interested in partnering with UC San Diego Extension.

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  • Global Education Elite

    Global Education Elite (GEE) is committed to cultivating and empowering young minds through global cultural exposure and project-based learning. Each program incorporates 5C's - communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and cross-disciplinary to develop essential life skills and academic advancement. GEE collaborates with public/private partners in Asia providing global educational needs.

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  • Maxman International Education

    Maxman International Education is a California based company established in 2016. The goal of Maxman International Education is to continuously collaborate with local universities and high schools. By doing so, Maxman International Education serves as a catalyst to establish courses to teach students from overseas, especially from Mainland China, to study English, critical thinking, effective communication and leadership in a cross-cultural setting.

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  • Maya Gold Foundation

    The Maya Gold Foundation was created in response to the tragic death of 15-year old Maya Gold, a New Paltz High School student who took her own life in October of 2015. Maya was a social activist, an inspired student, and creatively engaged with the world. She dreamed of working in Nepal to reduce sexual trafficking. The Heart of Gold Adventures offers students an experience in cultural awareness and appreciation and service to others so they can be empowered to gain a greater sense of themselves and the world. Students travel to Nepal for two weeks to work alongside Nepali teens who have been orphaned or abandoned, or whose families could not offer the care they needed. During this time, they work alongside survivors of trafficking on a five day Himalayan trek and classroom in Kathmandu. Students travel and learn with Nepali teens, and bring their experiences back to their communities through the Community Presentations they offer.

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  • Quest for Space

    Quest for Space is a non-profit organization that develops STEAM-based educational programs that allow students to run experiments on the International Space Station (ISS). The mission of Quest for Space is to introduce, inspire, and ultimately engage students to understand what it means to pursue STEAM-based careers.

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  • The STE[+a]M Channel

    Tune in to the STE[+a]M Channel for programming on science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

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