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Healthcare Programs

Expand your knowledge of industry trends, acquire new skills and network with employers and colleagues in our professional educational offerings designed to increase your ability to provide care to the community. We offer a variety of formats to fit individual organizational needs, including certificate programs, onsite group training, accelerated programs and online courses.

  • Clinical Trials & Regulatory Affairs

    Clinical Trials & Regulatory Affairs

    Get the training to conduct clinical trials and fulfill the educational requirements to become a CRA or CRC.

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  • Counseling & Behavioral Sciences

    Counseling & Behavioral Sciences

    Extension's Counseling and Behavioral Science programs and courses are for individuals seeking to gain experience and knowledge in the mental health field.

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  • Fitness Instruction & Nutrition

    Fitness Instruction & Nutrition

    Our programs and courses are for those seeking the latest skills and knowledge in the fitness and nutrition industries.

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  • Fundamentals of Healthcare

    Fundamentals of Healthcare

    Discover what it means to be part of the complex healthcare world through courses designed to promote understanding of the US healthcare industry and direct patient care.

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  • Healthcare Informatics

    Healthcare Informatics

    Rapidly changing technology drives advancement. Learn today’s most valuable healthcare IT skills from health information exchanges to designing medical devices.

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  • Lactation & Perinatal Education

    Lactation & Perinatal Education

    We offer students a nationally recognized university program and access to high caliber lactation industry leaders

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  • Medical Coding

    Medical Coding

    Learn the skills needed to become a highly sought-after medical coder

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  • Medical Communication

    Medical Communication

    With an advanced degree in science, you can become part of the rapidly growing field of medical writing

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  • Nursing & Clinical Professionals

    Nursing & Clinical Professionals

    Our advanced programs and courses are designed for nurses and medical professionals seeking to enhance their careers.

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  • Post Baccalaureate Programs

    Post Baccalaureate Programs

    UC San Diego’s post-baccalaureate premed program focuses on the key tenets of personalized advising, skill building and academic and peer support

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