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The rapid and complex changes occurring in today's business world place increasing demands on all levels of an organization. Whether you are starting out, changing fields or seeking to advance your career, Extension gives you the opportunity to join a learning community of professionals and acquire real-world understanding of business practices from industry experts.

  • Accounting and Taxation

    Accounting and Taxation

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  • Facilities Engineering and Management

    Facilities Engineering and Management

    Make effective and sustainable facilities management decisions that reduce costs while enhancing your organization’s facility and services.

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  • Finance and Business Analysis

    Finance and Business Analysis

    Financial considerations are the backbone of business. Build your knowledge in the pillars of finance.

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  • Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

    Today’s human resource professionals must stay abreast of the latest HR trends and practices in order to catalyze organizations and equip employees for success.

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  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Develop leadership skills and strengthen your organization’s effectiveness while transforming your team’s ability to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

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  • Marketing


    Acquire marketing skills and remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

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  • Organizational Management

    Organizational Management

    Enhance your business management acumen through UC San Diego Extension’s business courses and learn how to take your organization to the next level.

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  • Project Management & Process Improvement

    Project Management & Process Improvement

    Acquire leading-edge skills with direct workplace application with project management and process improvement courses and certificate programs.

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