What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment is a program offered by UC San Diego Extension that allows anyone who is not a matriculated UCSD student to enroll in courses during the fall, winter and spring quarters.
You are not able to earn a degree through the Concurrent Enrollment program. Students often use concurrent enrollment to complete prerequisites before attending graduate school, law school, medical school, etc. We also have high school students who are taking courses beyond what is offered at their schools and visiting students who will be transferring course credit to their home institution to complete degree programs.

Can I enroll through the Concurrent Enrollment program?

Concurrent enrollment is open to anyone who has completed high school, and who has not been dismissed, disqualified or suspended from the University of California, or has withdrawn from a UC while on academic or disciplinary probation.

If you are currently attending high school, consult your high school principal or counselor to obtain written approval, which must accompany your add form. The approval must be signed by a school official on school letterhead. See Registration Policies and Procedures for more information on middle and high school students enrolling at UC San Diego Extension.
If you were dismissed, disqualified or suspended from the University of California, have withdrawn from a UC while on academic or disciplinary probation or currently have a pending student conduct case, you may not be eligible to participate in concurrent enrollment.
If you were academically disqualified from UC San Diego, you may be eligible for the UCSD College Readmission Concurrent Enrollment program. You should contact your UC San Diego academic advising office for more information.

Non-immigrant International Students

If you are a non-immigrant international student and you would like to enroll in a full-time study program of university credit-bearing classes, visit University and Professional Studies (UPS) or contact ipinfo@ucsd.edu for details.

The UPS program is for non-immigrant international students who wish to take a full-time load of university and university extension credit-bearing courses. If you are unsure of whether or not you need to be enrolled into a full-time program to maintain the requirements of your visa, please contact our Immigration Advisor, Olga Piro, at ipimmigration@ucsd.edu.

How do I enroll?

There is no application process to enroll through the Concurrent Enrollment program. You do not need to submit transcripts for review. The enrollment process is as simple as following the steps below:

Step 1:

Review deadlines. You should review the concurrent enrollment deadlines. Make sure to note any refund deadlines, which differ from drop/withdraw deadlines.
Concurrent enrollment cards will not be accepted before the first day of the quarter, and all cards are due by the Friday of week three, no exceptions.
The enrollment period for concurrent enrollment is only open during fall, winter and spring quarters ONLY. For summer quarter enrollments, please contact the UCSD Summer Session Office at (858) 534-5258 or summer@ucsd.edu.

Step 2:

Choose the courses you would like to take. Browse courses using the “Schedule of Classes” found on TritonLink.

Step 3:

Beginning Fall 2017, all Concurrent Enrollment students are required to complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial on Moodle. To complete the tutorial, you must have an AX account set up. If you do not have one, stop by the UC San Diego Extension Student Services office.

Step 4:

If the course you would like to take requires ACMS resources (e.g. TritonEd, podcasts, etc.), refer to the AX account section below. If you don’t know if your course requires access, check Educational Technology Services’ website here. The list is updated quarterly, and should be updated by the time each new quarter begins.
IMPORTANT: You do not need to pay for your concurrent enrollment course before accessing ACMS resources. You should access ACMS resources as soon as the course begins to ensure you don’t fall behind.

Step 5:

Pick up or print out a concurrent enrollment add card form. You can pick forms up from the Student Services office, which is in Building C at the UCSD Extension Complex.

Step 6:

Fill out the concurrent add form with your information and the information for the course you would like to take. If you don’t have an Extension PID (e.g. student ID number), you can obtain one by creating your student account through My Extension.
A properly completed form should look like this: 



Step 7:

Obtain the appropriate instructor signature and/or department stamp, as dictated by the tables below. For any department not listed, obtain the instructor's signature.
Department Stamps AND Instructor Signatures

Anthropology Envir. Systems (Upper Division) Music
Bioengineering FPM/FPMU Physics
Biology History (Undergraduate) Psychology
Comp Science & Eng. (CSE)* Human Development Program SIO (Upper Division & Graduate)
Computing and the Arts School of Global Policy & Strategy Sociology
Economics (Graduate) Japanese Studies Structural Engineering
Education Studies Mathematics Theatre & Dance (Undergraduate)
Environmental Studies Mech. & Aerospace Eng. (MAE) Visual Arts

Department Stamps Only

Chemistry & Biochemistry* Economics (Undergraduate)* International Studies Program
Cognitive Science Electrical & Computer Eng. (ECE)* Nanoengineering/Chemical Eng.
Culture, Art & Technology Program History (Graduate) Political Science
Humanities Rady School of Management*

*Some departments maintain their own waitlist procedures for Concurrent Enrollment students. Click the links below for more information from the department you are interested in.
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Rady School of Management

Step 8:

Return your completed form, with all appropriate signatures and/or stamps, to the Student Services office, Bldg. C at the Extension Complex. All cards must be turned in by the Friday of week three, no exceptions.

Step 9:

Full payment is due when you return your completed add form. Accepted methods of payment: major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club), cash, check or money order. All cards and full payment must be turned in by the Friday of week three, no exceptions.

Tuition and Fees

Concurrent enrollment courses are priced per unit. There are no discounts for the Concurrent Enrollment program, and concurrent enrollment courses do not qualify for financial assistance. Fees are subject to change without notice.
$272 Current UC undergraduates ONLY (those paying fees at a UC campus while enrolled through the Concurrent Enrollment program)
$340 All other visiting students (e.g. US college/university students, high school students, current UC graduate students, UCSD alumni, general public, UCSD staff)
Some courses may be subject to additional, mandatory, non-refundable fees as follows:
      AX account fee - $50
      Lab fee - $75

Dropping/Withdrawing from Courses

You must submit all drop requests in writing. You can do so in person at the Extension Student Services office or by sending an email to concurrent@ucsd.edu. The email should contain your name, student ID number (U## - ## - ####), and course number and name (i.e. BILD 2 – Multicellular Life).

The deadline to drop a course without a “W” appearing on your transcript is the 4th Friday of each quarter. The deadline to drop a course with a “W” appearing on your transcript is the 9th Friday of each quarter. See the concurrent enrollment deadlines document listed in “Enrollment Process and Payments” for exact dates.


Refunds, minus a $25.00 processing fee for each course, will be granted if you submit a drop request in writing prior to the refund deadline. The refund deadline is the 2nd Friday of each quarter. See the concurrent enrollment deadlines document listed in “Enrollment Process and Payments” for exact dates.
AX account and lab fees are non-refundable. Drop requests must be submitted in writing either in person or via email to concurrent@ucsd.edu.

AX Accounts

Your AX account will be used to access the Academic Integrity tutorial and can be used to access ACMS resources, like podcasts or TritonEd (formerly TED) if your course requires them.
You do not need to pay for your concurrent enrollment course before accessing your AX account. You can request AX account access at any point during the first three weeks of the quarter. However, if you do not come back to pay for courses by the published deadlines, your access will be cut off.
If you have not had an AX account through UCSD Extension before, you will need to come in to the UCSD Extension Student Services office to be issued access.
If you have already been issued an AX account by UCSD Extension, you only need to add new classes to your existing account. This can be done at any time. You do not need to wait until you have paid concurrent course fees to add new classes to an existing TritonEd account.
If you are a former UCSD student, you will not be able to use your old AD account. You will need to request an AX account through UCSD Extension.
If you are unsure if your course utilizes TritonEd, check Educational Technology Services’ website here.
For troubleshooting and technical help, contact the ACMS Help Desk at acms-help@ucsd.edu or by phone at (858) 534-2267.

Course Restrictions

Individual study classes numbered 197, 198, 199, 298, 299 or seminars require special approval. Students must obtain an instructor's signature and departmental stamp on the concurrent enrollment registration card and department petition form.

Services for Students with Disabilities

UC San Diego Extension strives to provide equal access and an exceptional learning environment for all students. Our office assists students who are enrolled in Concurrent Enrollment courses. You must submit your request for accommodations and appropriate documentation at least 15 business days before your course begins to allow us time to approve and arrange your accommodations. Visit the Services for Students with Disabilities page for more information.


Concurrent students earn full academic credit and participate in courses just like matriculated UCSD students, subject to the same conditions, requirements, and standards. Unless enrolling on a non-credit basis, students may take courses either for a letter grade or pass/no pass grade (pass is a C- or better). Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading is intended for use for graduate level classes only.

Concurrent students may take up to 18 units per quarter. Additional units may be obtained by petition.

Admission to the University of California

Participating in a UC San Diego Extension educational program, including the Concurrent Enrollment program, does not in itself provide preference in admission to the University of California degree programs. Students interested in applying to UC degree programs should refer to the UC Admissions website or the admissions office of the UC campus they wish to attend for details about the admissions process.

Contact Us

By phone: (858) 534-3420
By email: concurrent@ucsd.edu