Our rapidly changing world demands that students not only possess the needed technical know-how but that they also have the ability to problem solve and innovate. Critical to teaching those skills is STEAM education, which combines science, technology, engineering, arts and math in an interdisciplinary way. UC San Diego Extension is a leader in STEAM, offering a best in class education and training through a variety of courses and its online STE[+a]M Channel.


STE[+a]M Channel

Tune in to the STE[+a]M Channel for programming on science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

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Sally Ride Science Junior Academy

Hands-on STEAM workshops for middle & high school girls in such topics as 3D modeling, music of earthquakes, robotics and more.

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Test Preparation

UC San Diego Extension offers year-round opportunities to prepare for the ACT® and SAT®.

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