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Current job openings at UC San Diego Extension:

About UC San Diego Extension

UC San Diego serves the lifelong learner by addressing the career skills and personal development needs of individuals, organizations, and our global community. UC San Diego Extension offers year-round continuing and professional education to 100,000 enrollments annually, which translates to more than 30,000 students in over 4,400 courses, panels and events delivered in-person, online, and 3D-virtual reality classrooms. Certificate and degree-related programs, community partnerships, public-service lectures, and special events meet rapidly evolving academic, specialist, and personal enrichment needs. As an integral part of UC San Diego, UC San Diego Extension programs are developed with advisory boards and taught by working professionals who adhere to the same rigor and standard of excellence upheld by the University.    


UC San Diego Extension Facts and Figures

  • Fully self-supporting, operating year-round, with a budget of $47 million annually
  • More than 200 academic, staff, management, executive and career positions
  • Retains teaching cohort of 1,000 instructors, who are largely working professionals, and nearly 1,500 industry advisors who collaborate on cutting-edge programming ranging from foreign language to 5G technology
  • Managing the dynamic, new downtown center for UC San Diego in the heart of East Village (set to open in 2021)
  • Supports a robust online learning platform, operating 24/7 with web-casting and video-conferencing capability
  • Handles more than 100,000 enrollment transactions annually
  • Operates two award-winning academic television stations — University of California Television (UCTV) and University of California San Diego Television (UCSD-TV) dedicated to sharing the vast knowledge of faculty throughout the University of California system
  • Actively working in federal, state, local, and private research initiatives
  • Built a first-of-its-kind Income Share Agreement with San Diego Workforce Partnership dedicated to helping unemployed and underrepresented individuals break into technology careers

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Inside Extension

"As the Program Manager for Osher, working with an active and vibrant 55+ community has been really inspiring. It opened my eyes to how valuable this type of community is to the health and well-being of older adults. This is the kind of mental and physical stimulation that enhances life at any age."
-Amy Patterson, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, 6 years with Extension