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In this first class, students will be introduced to the power of programming in three different software development techniques. Actively engaged with hands-on-keyboard, they will learn the basics of HTML, Android and Swift programming languages. These powerful languages drive the application development of most mobile devices and the Internet of Things! Students will be exposed to current tools used in modern software development such as a source code repository, task management and team communication applications. A variety of code editors will be covered during each of the language sections. The basic of each language will cover such programming concepts as variable assignment, looping, animation and view layout. Students will give a brief presentation of a problem in the world they would like to fix and how they might do that with software. At the end of this introductory class, the students will be able to decide which language they would like to purse in more depth on the pathway to official UC San Diego certification.

Course Number: CSE-90021
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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