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Heather Chell holds a master's degree in reading, a Clear Multiple Subject Credential with a CLAD Emphasis and supplemental authorizations in English & Physical Education. She also holds a staff developer/peer coach certification. In addition, she is a lead teacher and master teacher in the San Diego Unified School District.

Chell, Heather

My Courses

Clear Credential Portfolio
The Clear Credential Portfolio serves as the culmination of your learning, observations, and field experiences from courses in the Clear Credential program. Candidates will collaborate with...
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Collaboration and Support for Effective Teaching
Collaboration between the clear credential program, candidates, & site-based mentors establishes a professional educational community, ensuring support throughout the program while coordinating...
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Culture and Inclusion
Examination of culture and cultural diversity and the relationship to academic achievement, development, implementation and evaluation of culturally inclusive instruction. Topics include cultural...
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Math and the Common Core
This course is designed to give teachers the opportunity to unpack the math Common Core standards and analyze the domains in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the expectations of the...
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