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The specialized certificate in In Vitro Diagnostics will be discontinued effective Spring 2021. Certificate applications and registrations will be processed until March 26th, 2021. Students who are currently registered into the program will be able to complete their remaining requirements. For more information, please contact the program manager at

In Vitro Diagnostics Program Overview

Molecular diagnostics, or in vitro diagnostics, are rapidly becoming critical to the delivery of healthcare. In vitro diagnostic products are intended for use in diagnosis of disease or other conditions and play a significant role in prevention, monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment. DNA expression patterns, or biomarkers, can now provide information for the design of new treatments, monitor a treatment’s effectiveness as it is studied in a clinical trial, and predict a patient’s response to a new treatment. Molecular diagnostics provide a reliable way to determine the course of action for many diseases. It focuses on patterns and uncovers changes, improving a clinician’s ability to find irregularities. Some common products that are in-vitro diagnostics include drug tests and blood tests for glucose, liver enzymes, and levels of electrolytes.

This certificate provides an overview of the field from discovery to commercialization of different diagnostic products. You will learn how to use genomic information to discover biomarkers and how to move through stages of validation and into the studies that are needed to obtain regulatory approval.

Key Program Topics
  • Biomarker research and theoretical concepts
  • Practical issues involved in conducting drug discovery related biomarker research and disease related biomarker identification
  • Learn the requirements for moving an IVD product from concept to regulatory approval and market launch
  • Get a comprehensive picture of the medical device regulatory process
Certificate Benefits
  • Program designed to be completed in only one year
  • Hands-on comprehensive training designed to immerse you in the skills needed to successfully get started or advance your career
  • Courses taught by leading industry practitioners
Program Audience

This certificate is designed to be applicable to a range of professionals in the diagnostics field, including:

  • Engineers
  • Sales
  • Regulatory affairs and quality assurance professionals
  • Bench scientists in different branches of biology
  • Bioinformatics professionals

There will be a $95 fee upon acceptance into the program

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There will be a $95 fee upon
acceptance into the program

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