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Turn your work abroad into academic credit at home!

UC San Diego Extension is proud to offer academic credit for successful completions of pre-approved programs at the following school in Mexico:

Center of Languages, Ensenada, Mexico
Approved Programs: Weekend and Weeklong and Spanish for Medical Professionals

Program information (pdf)


Questions about the language programs and enrollment requests should be directed to the school abroad.

¡Que le vaya bien!

How can UC San Diego Exension academic credit help me?

Many people have successfully used UC San Diego Extension academic credit to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Consider the following:

  • Students may be able to transfer the units they earn to their high school, college or university.
  • Students in UC San Diego Extension's Professional Certificate in Spanish Language can apply the academic credit toward the required elective units.
  • If your employer rewards professional development credit, applying for Extension credit could be a way to increase your salary. It's worth checking with your employer. For example, California teachers have had great success applying the credits toward their 150 hours of professional growth.
  • Registered nurses can earn 30 CEUs after completing the weeklong program in Ensenada for credit.
How to Apply for UC San Diego Extension academic credit
  1. Download the relevant academic credit information on UC San Diego Extension-approved courses above. Read all of the information carefully.
  2. After you have read the information, present it to your college, university or employer for review. Because Extension is not a degree-granting institution, your college or employer must decide how units earned through Extension will transfer. Before going abroad, confirm in writing what you will need to do to successfully apply the units earned.
  3. Complete and mail the application and submit the necessary fees to UC San Diego Extension after you have confirmed your program enrollment with the school abroad. You must register for the language immersion program directly as UC San Diego Extension will not do that for you. Mail your application for academic credit to:

    Travel Study Programs
    UC San Diego Extension
    9500 Gilman Drive, 0170-A
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0170
  4. Once we verify that you successfully completed the program, you will be granted UC San Diego Extension credit. Official notification will be sent and grades can be verified through the online student portal, MyExtension.

Please note: When participating in one of these study abroad programs, the relationship exists solely between the student and the foreign school. All questions about program requirements, travel abroad, application process, enrollment, housing, safety, etc. should be directed to the foreign school and not UC San Diego Extension. Extension has approved only the listed courses for academic credit and makes no representation about any other aspects of the foreign programs. Upon completion of the approved courses, students may apply for academic credit from UC San Diego Extension.

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