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Solving environmental problems will require behavior change. From issues as diverse as reducing energy and water consumption, to protecting wildlife and ecosystems, achieving a sustainable future will require that people change their behaviors.

The Specialized Certificate in Sustainability and Behavior Change provides unique and advanced educational training in conservation psychology, and behavior change strategies and community engagement tools that are designed to produce results. Explore the psychological factors that lead people to engage in sustainable behavior and gain a clear understanding of the strategies that work (and those that don’t) to motivate people towards behavioral change. Learn how to develop programs and projects that activate behavior change and promote sustainable outcomes and how to develop community engagement projects or programs that foster both awareness and meaningful action. This certificate culminates in a capstone course where students apply the knowledge and skills developed in this certificate to a program or project of interest.



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Program Benefits:
  • Learn how to develop programs and projects that activate behavior change and promote sustainable outcomes
  • Gain insight on psychological principles, theories and methods to understand and solve environmental problems.
  • Identify and prioritize target behaviors related to a specific environmental problem
  • Develop a behavior change program implementation plan and Identify appropriate metrics for evaluating performance
  • Develop a communications strategy that activates behavior change at the community level
  • Understand strategies relevant to community based social marketing and conservation education programs


Who Should Attend:
  • Professionals who manage environmental programs and campaigns
  • Government employees working on environmental protection projects or programs
  • Employees and educators at informal education institutions, including zoos and aquaria
  • Community volunteers and activists interested working to promote community engagement and sustainability
  • Business professionals interested in understanding consumer behavior and promoting corporate behavior change


Industry Certification:

AICP members can earn Certification Maintenance (CM) credits for select courses.  For a list of additional UC San Diego Extension AICP CM Events go to American Planning Association

Contact Information

 Fiona O'Donnell-Lawson,

Additional Reading

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There will be a $95 fee upon acceptance into the program

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There will be a $95 fee upon
acceptance into the program

Get Inspired

" I was able to work through all the different stages of designing a behavior change campaign through the online course and through the assignments…I came out of the end with this campaign, which I'm now going to go on to hopefully implement in China to try to help conserve the pangolins. "
-Carly W.
" It's just been a mind changing experience. I understand so much more about behavior change and about the different attitudes and the mental structures that go into everybody's behavior. "
-Kelly D.