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Develop your paint handling skills and enhance your perceptual abilities in this studio class. Each meeting focuses on the development of basic skills while encouraging individual expression. Instructor-led painting demonstrations and a series of in-class exercises will be followed by discussions of some of the intellectual factors involved in both traditional and non-traditional art making. Students in this class will acquire a solid foundation in oil painting technique...

Note: Elective for Art and the Creative Process Certificate. Prerequisite: "Drawing: Focus on Perception" (ART 40166) or equivalent experience.

Please bring the following to first class meeting: scissors, 3/4" white "Artist Tape" or marking tape, 1 Staedtler drawing pencil 8B, small sharpener, 1 gum or plastic eraser, master brush cleaner soap or ivory bar soap, container for paints and brushes, and 12" ruler (optional). List of additional materials needed will be distributed during the first class.

Course Number: ART-40002
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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