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In this science of cooking class, together we learn how cooking is, at its base, not just knowing how to follow a recipe, but ultimately is about creative expression. We experiment to figure out if the old ‘taste bud map’ is real, or a myth, and learn about food from different cultures. Using a recipe journal students jot down notes, established recipes and their own recipe ideas. On the last day we create a giant masterpiece (i.e., vegetables, fruit, and cupcakes) decorated and creatively assembled by our culinary crew. The benefits of having an inspired junior chef in the house are priceless. For safety reasons no open flame will be used in this class. Note: No prior experience is necessary.

Note: This class is designed for middle school students. The Sally Ride Science Junior Academy courses are designed to inspire young adults to pursue careers in STE[+a]M.
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Course Number: WKSP-90026
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)