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The Specialized Certificate in Digital Health represents a collaboration of several UC San Diego and School of  Medicine departments and incorporates expertise in data science, mHealth, IoMT, AI, disruptive innovations, regulatory, genomic medicine, biomedical ethics, behavioral medicine, and ethical aspects related to the acceleration of Digital Health. The certificate program comprises of five core courses offering an overview of Digital Health, unique case studies, and an examination of emerging technologies and new business models. The courses engage in both theoretical and applied activities to provide the background knowledge necessary to effectively understand the intricacies of the digital health landscape and to identify meaningful opportunities to generate new value for both consumers and organizations.

The 100% online program combines aspects of healthcare administration, public health, ethics and strategies for commercialization and business development.  Courses encompass several distinct academic disciplines and incorporates perspectives from industry practitioners who provide their expertise on advanced medical technologies, IoMT, and disruptive innovations.  The program will empower learners to understand the intricacies of the digital health landscape and to identify meaningful opportunities to generate new value for both consumers and organizations.  Digital Health’s impact integrating disruptive medical innovations to can change healthcare outcomes, at both the patient and population health level, will be examined. 
The program presents new content and research examining topics such as telemedicine, smart algorithms, connected health, data science, behavioral change, UX design, blockchain and other frontier technologies. 
Examine how the coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered the way the world and healthcare operations will need to adjust moving forward.  Today, new innovations go far beyond telehealth and the industry now includes entirely new therapeutic modalities that use digital technologies to replace, complement or augment innovative medical treatments. The program offers a unique educational experience for those working in healthcare technology roles, research, entrepreneurial, and regulatory entities in the healthcare space

           Format:                            Est. Cost:  $3,900                                       Duration: 
            On-Line                (Excludes textbooks and materials).                 12 - 18 months


Key Program Highlights:
  • 100% on-line specialization for those with both technical and non-technical backgrounds;
  • Exploration of Digital Health through several distinct academic disciplines & technologies;
  • Gain expertise in data science, mHealth, regulatory issues, ethics and product commercialization;
    Incorporation of public health informatics, behavior change theories, information architecture, and user experience design;
  • Critically compare Digital Health innovations and reflect on cross-cutting case studies;
  • Entrepreneurial focus to explore ideas and accelerate technological innovations
Program Benefits:
  • Gain practical hands-on training with leading Digital Health industry practitioners
  • Build a strong foundational knowledge of the impact of Digital Health on the healthcare ecosystem
  • Assess different opportunities for innovation and disruption in the digital health sector;
  • Multi-disciplinary content examining the different roles of healthcare providers, behavioral psychologists, data scientists, technologists, social scientists, and public health professionals
  • Examine emerging technologies being leveraged against COVID-19
Who Will Benefit:
  • Developing professionals currently working in the healthcare ecosystem who want to boost their current career in Digital Health;
  • Individuals with a background or interest in healthcare transformation, data science, eHealth, IT administration, engineering and regulatory affairs;
  • Anyone interested in learning high-demand entrepreneurial and frontier technology knowledge and skills, typically those in leadership, innovation, investment, or entrepreneurial positions.
  • Healtcare providers interested in how digital health technologies are being mobilized in the fight against COVID-19
At a Glance:
  • Number of courses (online option):  Six courses - five required and one elective
  • Total units: 16
  • Estimated cost for online option:  $3,900
  • Time to complete: Flexible; most students complete the program in 12 -18 months
  • Delivery for online certificate: All courses offered online, some elements of the Capstone may be in-person



There will be a $95 fee upon acceptance into the program

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There will be a $95 fee upon
acceptance into the program

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" Medical school training needs to be updated for digital healthcare. Professionals and practitioners need to supplement their education and experience with courses like these to remain competitive. Led by industry practitioners, the information comes from experience and and hard-learned lessons. "
-Ramin Rafiei, PhD