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Today’s working professionals are frequently leading others through dynamic and changing landscapes. They are tasked with leading their teams to do more with less, championing new changes amid uncertainty, all while resolving interpersonal conflicts and resistance to change. Managing stakeholders can be especially challenging in times of persistent and rapid change within complex organizations. By learning foundational leadership and change management skills, team leaders and managers will be better positioned to analyze the change landscape, plan responses and achieve desired outcomes. This course offers skill-building in areas such as: analyzing change factors and change readiness; building strategic partnerships; increasing receptivity for change; thinking critically about change drivers; evaluating stakeholder dynamics; communicating effectively; and balancing assessment, planning, and action. The particular challenges associated with leading dynamic cycles of change will be addressed.

Other Credits: 27 hours of continuing education credit.

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Course Number: BUSA-40978
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Project Management

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